Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wisdom or Sun??

Got a new hairstyle today. And as I stood before the mirror, observing myself from different angles, I realised I have started greying. Not one or two.... At least a dozen grey strands stood out teasing me. And then immediately I remembered a line Pa used to hum when I was young-- "Ek baar Raja Dashrath ne darpan mein apna mukh dekha, Dekha kuch baal safed huey chauthepan ko aate dekha." After months and years of scanning through Hindi to English dictionaries, I realised 'Chauthepan' meant the fourth quarter of a person's life.
Hell, I have not even entered my third quarter yet (perceiving I'll die at 60 :-P), and I am greying already?!? Was sure dismayed for a while. But then the next thought that flitted through my mind was that of my brother. He started greying at 22, and always refused to colour his premature greys because he said his (less) salt and (more) pepper look made him appear more mature in his corporate surroundings. Whenever I used to pull his leg by calling him 'uncle', he would always shut me up by replying nonchalantly, "Yeh baal maine dhoop mein safed nahi kiye."
A wide grin appeared on my face. Didn't I always try to emulate my brother, my ideal? I swelled with pride at the very glance of my greys, and adjusted my hairstyle a bit to make them more prominent. With a happiness never experienced before, I dressed up in a salwar kameez to heighten the "mature" effect and left for office, stealing glances at neighbours, and trying to see if my new "mature" look was being noticed. Crossed the complex. met a couple of acquaintances, but no one seemed to notice the changed me. Disappointed, I took an auto and reached office. A friend commented "Hey, you look younger in this new hairstyle"......
I called up the salon and fixed an appointment for getting my hair hennaed. Perhaps, maine baal dhoop mein safed kiye hain..... Sigh!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

What a dramatic love!!

1:30 am. Just wrapped up my work. Still laughing over the story that went on the centre of my page -- the Chand-Fiza love story. So much of drama, this story can inspire the likes of Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar for a twist-in-the-tale love story. After so much of mudslinging, how can this guy say "Fiza kal bhi meri thi, aaj bhi meri hai"? I mean, isn't it weird?? He had divorced her on phone, after all! And now he goes around saying he was pressurised to say and do whatever he said and did.
And this lady -- Anuradha Bali aka Fiza, who has gone to the extent of making her private text messages and love letters a public property, and charging Chand of rape, cheating, hurting religious sentiments and what not -- is now 'contemplating' accepting him into her life again. Another round of press conferences follows....
Also follows a fresh series of controversies... Now, a mob gathers outside Fiza's house, and claims to be summoned by Chand, who according to them, is being "forcibly detained inside the house". Chand, of course, denies. One wonders what comes next!!
Is such a cheap melodrama expected from two mature and educated individuals? One, a former deputy CM, and another a lawyer. How much can people stoop to garner publicity, I wonder... Converting to Islam, losing their respective jobs, marrying despite Chandar Mohan aka Chand Mohammad having a family, living together, Chand disappearing, weeks of washing dirty linen in public, divorce and uniting again.... Is all this love??

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life in the Capital

It's been quite a while now since I bade adieu to my City of Joy and landed in the national Capital. People have been asking how's been the transition from a "laidback" metro to the heart of India. For me, it's been a rollercoaster ride, not a very smooth one for sure, but definitely an experience in itself. Relocating to Delhi to be on my own, build up my career and experience the sweet taste of 'independence' was my choice. I did have my share of arguments with my family over my decision to shift base, but eventually, I won. And here I landed in the city of my dreams -- Delhi.
The first few weeks passed by in a jiffy. Attending work in evenings, slogging till late nights, sleeping in the wee hours of the morning, napping for a couple of hours and then getting up and setting on my house hunting mission. Once I had a studio apartment to call my own, I had the task of setting it up. Now that's the part I thoroughly enjoyed. Doing up my OWN apartment in my OWN way!! Once that bit was done, reality dawned -- Living alone in an alien city isn't easy! No friends, no relatives, no one to call your own..... And no one to even talk to when you're alone on your off days! The very thought is disturbing, isn't it? But that's how it is...
It's almost a year now since I've been a single working woman in this fast-paced city. And although I have adjusted a lot to the "Delhi-culture", somewhere deep down, I terribly miss Kolkata. The warmth of the city is unmatched, a far cry from the shrewdness of Delhi. Those who haven't been to Kolkata wouldn't understand the charm of that "laidback" city, but those who have grown up or even lived there for a while, wouldn't agree less. It's a place where I have grown up being addressed as "Maa" or "Mamoni" by the elderly, where we've been taught to treat even the minorities with respect, where even the odd vegetable vendor, rickshaw-wallah and maid is "Kaku", "Dada" and "Mashi" respectively.
I remember the times I needed help in Kolkata, a dozen hands would always come forward to provide me whatever I needed. That is not the case in Delhi. But, somehow, I needed this stay away from home to learn the lessons of life, to learn being truly independent.....
Last week, I lost my debit card, and had to go to the bank for withdrawing cash and applying for a new card. Imagine, a Chartered Accountant's daughter, who's never even entered any bank in 25 years of her existence, taking care of her finances all by herself! Shuv (my dear buddy from my Presidency days) commented : "I remember having helped you in even collecting your marksheet. I am amazed by this independent Divya."
My stay in Delhi might not be laced with many pleasant memories, but yes, it has made me grow up. From a wax doll into a fiercely confident young lady. There have been moments sweet-n-sour, but these are moments I'll always cherish (although I might not be particularly fond of them!). And yes, for all the queries unanswered, I'm still a Kolkatan.... not a Delhiite :-)

Okay, finally... Here I come

Hi friends,

After a lot of prodding by you guys to start blogging, I keep aside my lazy self, and make my debut into the world of blogging. For starters, this is just a small note from my side. I'm lazying around on my weekly off, trying to catch up on some sleep, which otherwise seems to have become a luxury for me :-) Am out of writing for quite a while now, but since you guys wanted to read my words again, I promise I won't disappoint you. After all, if I can write to get fat paycheques, why can't I write for my buddies? Ain't it? Am expecting my aunt for dinner tonight, so am off for some grocery shopping now. Will catch up later with the latest updates of my sweet-n-sour world,

Till then, take care, have a great time, and keep rocking. (Gee, how typically journalistic I've started sounding :-P)!!

Love 'n' Luck ,